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April Randolph

As a child, all I wanted to be was a writer.  I used to write short stories for my mom to read, hunting and pecking my way along the keys of a good ol' fashioned typewriter. She thought they were good but, then again, she IS my mom.


Today, I am a wife, mother, grandmother and author, but first and foremost, I am a child of God.   Don't be spooked by the fiction I write. Life is stranger than fiction and the things I write about, happen in real life.


Stick with me as we journey from the world of Tasha and KK into my upcoming non-fiction book about relationships.  I promise to keep you quickly turning pages, deeply engaged with a laugh or tear  along the way.  Prepare to recall situations from your dating and married lives that will make you gasp and say " Wow! I'm not the only one that happened to!"


And be sure to check out my blog, where I share my musings on things of interest to middle-agers, in far fewer words than it takes to write a book! 


Thank you for looking me up!


I look forward to our friendship.


Blessings to you,




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